Welcome to the Checkout API

This Documentation section outlines some of the processes and walks you through use cases and best practices for integrating with our API.

Getting Started

Integrating with this API is a fairly straightforward and simple process. We have a step by step guide for you here: [Getting Started] (https://developer.mxmerchant.com/docs/get-started-with-mx-merchant). This details the steps that you would take to get up and running with Priority Payment Systems.


The main API of MXMerchant is our checkout API. A lot of our APIS reflects our web application. The best thing to start with our Test Cards for your testing. An additional popular request is Making a Tip Adjustment on a Sale. This guide will be. great assist to our Restaurant developers.


Here are some useful guides that will help to transition to production. Our robust customer API will assist you with our checkout API. A key factor is saving cards on file keeping you in compliance. You can learn more about Saving Cards on File. Check it out here at our Customer pages.

Swipe Transactions

Making Swiped transactions that require a card reader or similar device through our API may seem tricky. Our guides here regarding Swiped Credit Card Payments makes it easy with example code and responses.

Going Live

Already finish testing in our sandbox environment? Made successful payments? Able to create customers and save a card on file? Looks like you are ready to go to Production We have a Transitioning to Production checklist page to help you move forward.