The MX Merchant Developer Hub

Welcome to the MX Merchant developer hub. You'll find comprehensive API reference and documentation to help you start working with the MX Merchant Checkout API as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Use Basic Authentication for quick and easy implementation, or you can choose to use oAuth 1.0a to request a token that expires after 24hours for a more secure experience.
Our payment API is highly customizable and can be adapted to fit your checkout needs. Visit our Payment Reference pages to find how our payment APIs work for you.
Set up and start processing payments with our Terminal API. Our Terminal API is robust and ready to fufill your terminal needs. You can do all your testing in our sandbox enviroment.
Create and manage customers on your merchant account. You can save their address, phone, etc. and make checkout faster with a vaulted card or bank account.
Vaulted Cards
Vaulted accounts create a quick and secure form of checkout using tokens to make payments. These can be used one time or in recurring payments.
Our report allow you to track the funds flowing through your business, and provide important information about your merchant account.
Rate Limits
Know your limits. Find the rate limits on our API endpoints and payment links here. You can find things such as how many declines you can have in one day before your account gets locked.
API Error Messages
Do you continue to receive an error response and are you curious what it means? This is a list of the most common error messages you could recieve from our APIs.
MX Merchant Marketplace Apps
Go beyond with MX Merchant's Marketplace Apps. Here you can view all the available apps with have on MX Merchant. You will also get an overview of our apps.