Transitioning to Production

Step One: Review this pre go-live check list.

Confirm that your solution is working in the Sandbox environment.

  • Test API endpoints and parameters.
  • Handle edge cases (Incomplete data, Invalid data, Duplicate data).
  • Verify data being sent through Payment API is accurate.
  • Update Production credentials, typically merchantId, username / password, or consumerkey / consumersecret, and other related parameters and fields to an integrated environment.
  • Point all API URLs to Production by removing "sandbox" on the url link and keep everything the same on your request.
  • If using terminals, sending track data to payment ops. (Optional)
  • Check for accuracy of the POS Data parameter so payments are accurately reported. (Optional)i

Step Two: Obtaining consumer keys and secrets

Reach out to your account manager to generate a production login for The account manager may be the sales representative, relationship manager, or business team. Reach out to any of the main contacts after testing in the sandbox environment to move over to production.

Step Three: Production consumer Keys and Secret

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log into using your production credentials.
  3. On the left side navigation, navigate to the Settings portion.
  4. Scroll down to Application/API section.
  5. Choose on the top right and click Add Application.
  6. Add descriptive values and click generate.

Step Four: Making a Payment Transaction in Production.

Using the examples herein "Get Started with MXMerchant". The example will work exactly the same in our Sandbox environment. To make transactions in a live environment, simply change the URL from to

  1. Make a POST to this endpoint:
  2. Input a basic code that look siimilar to below:
            "merchantId": "MerchantID#Here",
            "tenderType": "Card",
          	"amount": 1.00,
            "cardAccount": {"token":"String"}
  3. Send the request with the body above. You will receive a 200ok response back. As you see, it funtions exactly like our Sandbox Environment.