Cash Payments

Cash is an available tender type within the Checkout API, however, it is for reporting purposes only as the merchant will need to manually deposit the collected cash into their bank account.

Use Cases

  • Merchants who want to offer additional payment methods to their customers.

Things to Keep in Mind

As previously mentioned cash transactions are simply for reporting and reconciliation only, in order for these funds to be deposited into the Merchants bank account the Merchant will need to manually deposit them. Although most customers pay using a credit card, having cash as an available tender type is always a nice backup to ensure the Merchant is able to capture any desired payment methods from their customers.

Making a Cash Transaction

Step 1

  • Set HTTP request method to POST and use /payment route

Step 2

  • Supply the request with your username and password. Make sure it's in base-64 encryption in the Authorization header field.
  • Set Content-Type to Application/JSON