API Authorization Code Messages

ResponseCodeAuthorization MessageStatus
0Approved or completed successfullyApproved
1Refer to card issuerDecline
3Invalid merchantDecline
4Capture cardDecline
5Do not honorDo not honor
6Response TimedoutDecline
7Duplicate RequestDecline
8Honor with IDApproved
10Partial ApprovalPartial Approval
12Invalid transactionDecline
13Invalid amountDecline
14Invalid card numberDecline
15Invalid issuerDecline
19Re-enter transactionDecline
30Format errorDecline
31Bank not supported by switchDecline
33Expired CardDecline
34Suspected fraudDecline
35Card Acceptor contact AcquirerDecline
36Restricted CardDecline
37Card Acceptor call Acquirer securityDecline
38Allowable PIN tries exceededDecline
39No credit AccountDecline
40Requested function not supportedDecline
41Lost cardDecline
43Stolen cardDecline
51Insufficient funds/over credit limitDecline - Insufficient funds
53No savings AccountDecline
54Expired cardDecline
55Invalid PINDecline
56No Card recordDecline
57Transaction not permitted to issuer/cardholderDecline
58Transaction not permitted to acquirer/terminalDecline
59Suspected fraudDecline
60Card acceptor contact AcquirerDecline
61Exceeds withdrawal amount limitDecline - Exceeds withdrawl
62Restricted cardDecline
63Security violationDecline
64Original amount incorrectDecline
65Exceeds withdrawal count limitDecline - Exceeds withdrawl
68Response received too lateDecline
70Contact Card IssuerDecline
71PIN Not ChangedDecline
75Allowable number of PIN tries exceededDecline
76Invalid/nonexistent to Account specifiedDecline
77Invalid/nonexistent from Account specifiedDecline
78Invalid/nonexistent account specified (general)Decline
81Domestic Debit Transaction Not Allowed (Regional use only)Decline
84Invalid Authorization Life CycleDecline
85Not declined Valid for all zero amount transactionsApproved
86PIN Validation not possibleDecline
87Purchase Amount Only, No Cash Back AllowedApproved
88Cryptographic failureDecline
89Unacceptable PIN Transaction Declined RetryDecline
91Authorization Platform or issuer system inoperativeDecline
92Unable to route transactionDecline
93Transaction cannot be completed, violation of lawDecline
94Duplicate transmission detectedDecline
96System errorSystem Error
99PPS DeclineDecline
002Approved for a lesser amount than what was requestedPartial Approval
104Terminal not foundDecline
105File is temporarily unavailableDecline
106Amount exceeds user limitDecline
107Service not allowedDecline
108Host Key errorDecline
109Approved (not captured)Approved
110AVS Request AcceptedApproved
111Invalid Term IDDecline
112Please retryDecline
113CVV2 DeclinedDecline
114Reversal rejected cannot parse 400 messageDecline
115Enter lesser amountDecline
116Cash Back amount greater than total Transaction amountDecline
117Communications link to debit/EBT network gateway is downDecline
118Debit/EBT network gateway cannot get through to the IssuerDecline
119Debit/EBT network gateway cannot route card based on Merchant EntitlementDecline
120Debit/EBT transaction count exceeds pre-determined limit in specified timeDecline
121Resubmission of transaction violates debit/EBT network frequenceDecline
122Reversal outside windowDecline
123Balance InquiryApproved
124Cannot accept Close batch messageDecline
125Close batch successfulApproved
126Deposit InquiryApproved
127Closed batch has Out of balance conditionDecline
128Invalid Batch number in transactionDecline
129Invalid Batch number in Close batch messageDecline
130Invalid Retail TermsDecline
131Invalid Transaction CodeDecline
132Invalid Transaction Code in Close batch messageDecline
133Invalid Transaction TypeDecline
134Cannot find item to VoidDecline
135Invalid Expiration DateDecline
136Certificate Not RecognizedApproved
137OS Version Not SupportedDecline
138Original Transaction Not FoundDecline
201Internal Server ErrorDecline
202Invalid Message Format Refer to the corresponding chapter in this document for details on formatting Card Rate and Merchant Rate request messagesDecline
203Unknown Acquirer or Merchant The value provided for Merchant ID or the Acquirer ID is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of these fieldsDecline
204Unrecognised Card – DCC not availableDecline
205Socket connection timed outDecline
206Unsupported card type. FEXCO Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is supported only with VISA and MasterCard credit cardsDecline
207Card ID and Foreign Currency are both invalidDecline
208Invalid Base Amount The value provided for the Base Amount field is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of this fieldDecline
209Invalid Reference Number The value provided for the Reference Number t field is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of this fieldDecline
210Invalid Merchant ID The value provided for the Base Amount field is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of this fieldDecline
211Invalid Acquirer ID The value provided for the Acquirer ID field is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of this fieldDecline
212Invalid Foreign Currency Code The value provided for the Foreign Currency Code is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of this field is correct. Also note that not all currencies are available for DCCDecline
213Invalid Card ID The value provided for the Card ID field is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of this fieldDecline
214Invalid Base Currency The value provided for the Base Currency field is unrecognised by DHS. Verify the format of this fieldDecline
215Domestic Card, DCC not available The Merchant currency is the same as the currency of the cardholders card and therefore, DCC does not applyDecline
216Foreign Card, DCC not available DCC is not supported for the particular currency of the cardDecline
300Declined for Loss PreventionDecline
302Invalid Merchant StatusDecline
303In ProgressDecline
400Reversal SuccessApproved
401Decline for AVS or CID mismatchDecline
402PIN change/Unblock failedDecline
403New PIN not acceptedDecline
405Network unavailableDecline
406System upDecline
407Soft downDecline
408System downDecline