API Rate Limits

Rate Limits

The API does not have a rate-limit that focuses on a specific limit on the number of requests in a given time-frame. You may process as many calls to the API as you need; there is no fee for API calls over a specific number. There is also no limit on the total amount of requests you may make against the API over a given time period (such as 10,000 in a month).

Simultaneous Connections

The note about the number of simultaneous connections refers to any calls made and pending completion. Excessive volume, resulting in several hundred simultaneous open connections, or excessive burst requests, would result in throttling of traffic from a client and then shunning if the volume continues. As a connection closes, the space is open for the client to get another open connection. If you require more than a couple of hundred open connections to the API services simultaneously, we can offer to whitelist your IP in order to prevent the IP from being blocked as a malicious actor.

For our own security concerns, the exact limit on open connections is not available for external release. If possible, we would encourage the use of a static IP address which we could permanently whitelist. Please know that we understand your concern with a limit and understand that part of the assessment of API traffic volume is an internal security concern. We have accommodated previous integrations with similar concerns by whitelisting their IPs.

Decline Limit

By default, we allow 30 declines per day when using our payment API. To increase this limit, reach out to your account manager.

Paymentlink Limit

Link2pay/paymentlinks allow 100 requests per 5 minute Interval. Due to security reasons this limit can not be changed.