Make a Payment


Too many fields? Looking for a specific payment scenario?

The reference to the left has all of the available fields for a payment, which can be a bit overwhelming. Check out our documentation on payments for specific examples with only the required fields listed.


All Possible Payment Statuses

  • Approved (Authorized)
  • Declined
  • Settled
  • Voided
  • Chargedback
  • TicketOnly (Offline)
  • AuthOnly (Hold)
  • InProgress


Reference, ClientReference, Invoice, CustomerCode

These fields are auto-generated by our servers. The reference number is the payment reference number and can be used instead of the id to retrieve this payment. The Client Reference is the same but can be passed into the payment if the client has their own referencing system. The invoice field is the last 8 characters from the reference number unless an invoice is passed in. The customer code field is the same; unless provided, it will copy the reference field.


A note about the B2B app generating data

If you have the B2B app turned on and you would like the app to generate all the level 3 data for you, you cannot include customerCode along with your invoice and clientReference fields. Doing so will make the system think you are providing your own B2B information in the required B2B fields.


What if my terminal times out?

We have a field called replayId and, when sent in with a payment, it allows you to send the same payment multiple times, but if the payment with that replayId has already processed, we will return the original response instead of processing the payment again.

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